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1. To advise the President in organization, faculty planning and staff management; To consolidate and improve the effective management of the units; to be responsible for emulation and commendation, discipline and policies for employees under the direct guidance of the President.  


        1. Based on the missions, goals and plans of  NLU’s training, science and technology, Personnel Office proposes plans to establish and strengthen the entire body; builds the organizational structure, functions and duties of the units, and the relationships with the units in the University;

2. To collaborate with the Faculties, the Institutes, the Centers, the Functional Offices of NLU in order to plan the development and training for lecturers and staff with good qualities and high professional qualifications which meet the development need of the University. To propose and do procedures for the appointment of lecturers and staff to have professional classes, politics classes, languages​​ classes, internship and postgraduate study within Vietnam and abroad according to the promulgated regulations;

3. To plan the demand for annual labor and payroll in order to present the President the distribution plan to the units;

4. To have new staff recruitment, rank transfer and promotion examinations;

5. To advise the President on personnel decisions for position appointment. To draft documents of the personnel organization issued by the President;

6. To instruct and test the units in personnel organization of NLU in accordance with law;

7. To advise the President on evaluating teachers, officers and officials annually. To stand the Permanent Council: Emulation and discipline, salary raise and allowances review, proposal review for working time extension for staff at the age of retirement;

8. To manage and update records, profiles of faculties, officers and officials and contracts in NLU; to write personnel statistical reports periodically as prescribed;

9. To implement policies for employees: dissemination of new policy regime for employees; to do procedures of retirement, severance, unpaid leave, pension ... under the current regime;

10. In coordination with other functional units to help the President develop and promulgate or repeal the laws, rules and regulations within the University  for ensuring the operation, NLU’s activities inspection and surveillance in compliance with the existing regulations;

11. To coordinate with relevant units to assist them in reviewing the titles of lecturer, professor and associate professor;

12. To work with the Planning and Finance Office to ensure the rights of employees on salary and allowances, social insurance, health insurance, accident insurance;

13. To coordinate with the Planning and Finance Office, other units and related organizations to establish and implement "Internal Spending regulations" in accordance with State regulations.

14. To grant recommendation papers, certificates, road licenses to officers and officials and employee contracts for those who are nominated for business trip.

15. To develop and implement a plan to protect the political security and social order and safety in the campus. To coordinate with relevant units inside and outside the University to investigate effectively and handle promptly cases related to political security, order and safety of the University. To manage demographic activities in the Univeristy prescribed by law (Guard team).

        16. To coordinate with the International Cooperation Office and Planning and Finance Office to ensure the safety of students and international visitors to study and work at the Univeristy according to the regulations of the university and the law.

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